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The processes of Light Expanded Clay/Shale Aggregate Bricks :

Mixed LEC/SA 、light aggregate 、cement and coal ash all together and cut them into pieces by automatic cutting machine after steaming maintenance 。

As a new type of self heat-insulation and energy-saving construction materials, the performances of the bricks as follows:

1)、Appearance specification : appearance of product set gray as the primary color, 

uniformed distribute the dark dots naturally after blocks cutting , give people the feeling of natural beauty。The specification is 200*240*600mm(regular),it also can be cut by the demand of customers.

2)、Light weight: Density of dry brick is 450~950kg/m3which is only 1/3 of a clay brick, and 1/4 of concrete they are able to reduce the self-weight of building effectively , drop the investment of base and structure for the buildings ,ease the constructing difficulties and cut down the cost as a whole.

3)High strength: The density of dry product is 500kg/m3 and Compression strength is more than 3.5Mpa.

The other outstanding function of high strength is Anchoring Availability . It is easy to fix door and window with nails just like a wooden material , Single M10 expansion bolts can reach to pullout strength of 4576N, so it is really convenient to apply them in decoration field. According to different standards , they are able to be utilized in bearing wall.

4)Heat insulation :the density of dry product is 500kg/m3 and the heat conduction rate is less than 0.12;

The performance of heat-insulation is only 1/5 of clay brick, 1/8 of concrete.  Once they are applied in the outside structure of buildings , it may make a great reduction in consumption of heating and cooling to meet the requirement of 65% energy savings for buildings。

5)、Fire-resistant : This material is inorganic and incombustible material ,so they won’t release 

any harmful and poisonous gas even under the high temperature circumstance , According the vaild experiments , a brick with 15cm thick can resist fire for more than 5 hours。

6)、Sound proofing :There are a great number of pores and holes inside bricks, which result in the sound proofing and sound-absorbing functions of bricks , therefore , the bricks will make the living place quieter only with the sound proofing performance index of 46dB

7)Small drying shrinkage: LECA has lattice distribution inside, which is created at temperature of 1200ºC when burning.  the bricks have little shrinkage rate, so ,they can ensure that the wall will have no crack after construction

8)Strong anti-permeability: Due tiny pores and holes in the product are independent and airtight, unlike other materials such as aerated blocks, cement block, etc. which have a lot of communication holes, they will not be permeated by rainwater if it is utilized in outside wall .

9) Easy to Construct: Because the material of product is concrete and burned products , and they share the similar properties with cement and mortar , and there are a great number of pores and holes on the surface due to cutting process , which increases the adhesion between the surface square and mortar, hence it is very convenient to apply them for decoration because of  high strength .

10)、Environmental protection: The product has been tested by the authority in accordance with the requirements of GB6566 building materials radiation limited standard and showed that there is not any toxic and hazardous substances released. After building demolition, crushed blocks can still be recycled leading to pollution and solid waste reduction

11)The bricks have the similar Lifetime with building, so people do not have to do heat insulation a second time and they are very easy to do the maintenance ,which can save a  significant amount of money. 

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