The Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA)/clay pebble production line

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Application:Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA)/clay pebble


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The Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) ,use the clay to be main raw material, the LECA is manufactured by the process of disposing 、pelletizing、Calcinating . clay is the most widely used material of LECA . The advantage as follows:

1、Abundant resources, convenient to get.

2、The production process is plastic-style, simple production line with less equipment, The total investment is inexpensive.

3、The performance of LECA excellent, convenient to adjust intensity and strength ,  produce the LECA with light weight and ceramic shell with porous core .

We has started the Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) equipment manufacturing since company foundation. We always trance the new technology developing on the LECA equipment manufacturing and have cooperate with the college and R&D institute to improve the equipment performance and function. Our LECA equipment have been widely used in Chinese LECA manufactures and won the good reputation from customers. We have begun the exported business since 2010 and create the good economic benefit. We adopt the energy saved technology and get the good efficiency.


Light Expanded Clay Aggregate Production Line: When the raw material is clay or slurry, the production flow chart shall be consist of raw material process, mixing, granulating, insert type rotary kiln burning process, cooling process, screening and bag packing; When the raw material is shale, the production flow chart shall be consist of crushing, screening, single rotary kiln burning process, cooling process, screening and bag packing. The fuel could be coal, nature gas, biomass fuel and etc.
Production Process of the Leca Plant:

1. Raw Material Process
The main raw material is clay or slurry. Building clay (or slurry) storage shell and flyash storage yard, we get the material by loader and do the proper mixing ration. And then the material will be fed into silo.When the clay size is too big, it should be crushed by roller crusher to get small size.

2. Mixing and Granulating
Set up an apron feeder under the hopper. Feed the material into a double shaft mixer. Then the material fall into a double roller granulator to become 5-10mm sphere shape material. And then they are fed to an insert type rotary kiln by belt conveyor.

3. Preheating and burning.
When the sphere shaper material enter into the preheating kiln by chute. The moisture will be dried and then the material will be fed into the burning kiln to become the Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) with bulk density of 500kg/m3.
4. Cooling
Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) outlet from the kiln will be fed into the cooler. Cooler shall adopt the single drum cooler, vertical cooler, grate cooler and etc.

5. Fuel Combustion
Coal, natural gas and biomass fuel are good choices as fuel.

6. Kiln Inlet Dust Collect
Gas from kiln inlet will be processed by air cooler machine and then sent to the bag filter for dedusting. And then it will be sent to the air.

7. Final Product Screening and Packing.

The Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) outlet from rotary cooler and then fed into a vibration screen (or rotary screen). They will be screened into the size of 5mm, 15mm and 25mm. The different size will be packed in different bags, which will loaded for sales.



1. Energy-saving environment friendly
Advanced production process and large capacity for single production line with low heat loss. The advanced bag type dust collector, which is equipped in LECA equipment, keeps exhaust gas below 30mg/Nm3.

2. High degree of automation
Leca production line is fitted with temperature and pressure monitoring instrumentation, operating parameters of the computer display, and is capable of using advanced computer control to achieve automatic operation of the entire system.

3. Lost investment
Based on the features of Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA), double-cylinder insert type rotary kiln controls the preheating and calcination process. The energy-saving vertical preheater is equipped in LECA production line with advanced process, and reasonable design and high level technology.



LECA (Light Expanded Clay Aggregate)m3/a40,000100,000150,000200,000300,000
3Main Fuel and raw material consumption

4Power Consumption

Fresh Watert/a2,0003,5005,3007,00010,500
5Employee Qty Neededa1517182022

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