NPK compund/organic fertilizer production line

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   we have various kinds of departments such as  fertilizer R & D,  designing ,  the mechanical manufacture capacity guarrentees the equipments for 30,000-300,000 tons NPK per every year, We also excel in engineering design and project EPC contract of various NPK production lines.   For over a decade, we  had always been devoted to increasing output, stabilize nutrients, improving the intensity ,cutting down energy consumption and improving environmental conformity, with prodigiouss achievements , had provided technical services for more than 3,000 NPK   produce enterprises, we manuafcture the most advanced NPK equipments , for instance, granulating crafts of melt urea granulating ,spraying slurry granulating, high tower granulating and s-NPK melt granulating, which are all super popular at home and aboard especially in South Asia, Africa, South America, and Middle Asia.     Our company adheres to the operation philosophy of "innovation, pragmatism, and entrepreneurship" and try best to pay the  efforts to provide the  internationally well-known NPK device.     We warmly welcome customers all over the world  to pay a visit to us .

Amino acid technology was the newly advanced NPK production technology in the recently two years , comparing to the conventional method , the features  of low cost , low energy consumption and high yield make it popular and developing dramatically . for instence , the cost of product  from Amino acid technollogy is lower by 50-100RMB per ton , which is huge advantage in the  competitive industry . therefore , Aminio acid technology will represent the new trend n the future.


The features of Amino acid technology :

1、This technology fully utilizes the chemical reaction bettwen  liquid ammnia and sulfuric acid 、MAP workshop to heat up the raw material temperature from 75 to 85℃, and munipulating the raw materials to reach the best PH value for pelletizing .

2、The granulation rate is  about 80%, the capacity of the device increases by 50%-100%.

3、It decreases the mositure rate for granulation process, cuts down on engery consumption , the drying capacity can be improved drastically .(the coal consumption is only 12kg/t)

4、The  process of Amino acid makes the granulation process smooth and even  , high granulation rate , round and smooth surface of granules , the product strength ≥25N

5、The granuling operation is stable as well as the product nutrition , and adapable to various kinds of NPK prodcution with the maximum N(Nitrogen) content up to 25

6、The exhaust gas is cleaned by water scrubber,  the absorbing rate reaches uo tomore than  99%.

The runing features of the Amino acid process :
1、The material inside equipment desnot stick stick together or block up , and is able to operate steadily and consecutively .

2、The euqipment configuration is reasionable and is ble to produce intensively ,The yeild increases by 50% or more.

3、The process is concise and convenient to operate and manage, the dust on site and exhaust gas adopt the cyclone、water-scrubber and multiple devices to realize the low emission and clean and civilized production environment .

4、it's cost efficient and real property cost decreases by over 40% comparing to others in this kind , the coal and power consumption decreases more than 50%.

    The users cases
1、This technology fit well in transformation of small and midium sized devices and it has put into use on multiple production devices and it's profitable.

2、Undertaking turn-key  project of 50,000-300,000tons per year of amino acid production line.

The features of  Urea Melting Spray Granulation

This technology adopts urea melting method to increase granule liquidoid and reduce the water usage , thus decreasing the moisture rate of the outlet and offloading the drying system and cut down on coal or gas consumption

The material is easy to stick inside the urea melting devices , due to this feature , it's beneficial to improve the appearence and smoothness of the product and all the processes are controlled by the automatical controlling system , it's easy to munipulate the nutrition content  and ensuring the product quality and capacity . thermocouples and other devices are applied  to guage and display in the drying system .





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Urea melting

spray granulation method



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