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The compound fertilizer comprehensive machine production process equipment is a new type of compound fertilizer production process special equipment-compound fertilizer, which has been jointly researched and developed by our company, Nanhua Design Institute and Dahua Group based on the current actual situation of compound fertilizer production through continuous practice in the past two years. Drying, cooling and screening integrated machine (referred to as integrated machine). This process equipment is a kind of latest compound fertilizer production process equipment that has appeared in China. Compared with traditional production process equipment, it has developed rapidly due to its low investment, low energy consumption and wide adaptability. In terms of the current equipment market price , The cost of the process equipment can be reduced by more than 30%/set compared with the traditional process equipment. Therefore, the integrated machine will become a new direction to replace traditional compound fertilizer equipment.

   One, the characteristics of comprehensive machine process equipment:

   1. Investment province. Only one set of transmission device, saving drying, cooling, screening and return materials and other intermediate connection equipment and civil works.

  2, power saving. Power saving is at least 50% or more. The cost of compound fertilizer products has dropped significantly.

   3. Save maintenance. There is only one set of transmission parts, which virtually reduces equipment maintenance costs.

   4. No dust. The screen is divided into a fully enclosed type, which completely solves the environmental pollution phenomena of running, leaking, and leaking during production.

   5. Local provinces. Plant investment province. The process design is more simplified, adapting to various simple workshops.

  6. Wide adaptation. The process technology can be flexibly adjusted according to market conditions to produce compound fertilizer products with multiple components. Realize product diversification, high output, and variety.

   2. Technical parameters of comprehensive machine equipment:

   Serial number Production capacity Specification model Power kw Remarks

  1 Annual output of 50,000 to 70,000 tons ZHJ22440 75 φ2200×44000

  2 Annual output of 70 to 90 thousand tons ZHJ24480 90 φ2400×48000

  3 An annual output of 90 to 120,000 tons ZHJ26500 110 φ2600×50000

  4 Annual output of 120,000-150,000 tons ZHJ28560 160 φ2800×56000

  5 Annual output of 150,000 to 200,000 tons ZHJ32640 315 φ3200×64000

   Three, the operating characteristics of the comprehensive machine equipment:

   1. The process flow is simple, the maintenance operation and production management are convenient, the production site environment is good, and the clean and civilized production is realized.

  2. The investment operation is the most economical. Compared with the same type, fixed assets can be reduced by more than 30%.

  3. The equipment is not scarred or blocked, and can realize long-term continuous and stable operation.

   Four, practical situation:

   1. This equipment is especially suitable for new projects of large and medium-sized compound fertilizer enterprises. This equipment is suitable for urea-based, sulfur-based, organic and inorganic compound fertilizer plants with various granulation methods. The comprehensive equipment has been successfully used in the compound fertilizer plant of Dahua Group for two years and has obtained good economic benefits.

  2. Undertake the turnkey project of 50,000-200,000 tons/year compound fertilizer project.

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