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The process of producing compound fertilizer by urea melt spray granulation process is between the pellet method and the slurry method in principle. It has the advantages of both. It can significantly increase the production output, and the product particles are round and smooth, high in strength, and difficult to form. Piece. The production has strong adaptability to raw materials and formulas, can use all urea as the nitrogen source, and the produced products have wide adaptability and little side effects on soil.

1. This process makes full use of urea melt spray granulation, the granulation temperature is high, the amount of steam used as the liquid phase is reduced, the moisture content of the material at the outlet of the granulator is reduced, the drying load is reduced, and the amount of fuel coal is saved.

2. Utilizing the adhesiveness of molten urea to increase the adjustment flexibility of the formula, thereby helping to improve the appearance of the product.

3. The raw materials of this process are all automatically controlled, which has a strong ability to control product nutrients and ensure product quality.

4. The urea melting temperature is automatically controlled, and the granulation operation is stable. It is suitable for the production of different kinds of fertilizers. The maximum nitrogen content can reach 30.

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