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The acid process is the latest compound fertilizer production technology that has emerged in China in the past two years. Compared with the traditional production process, the acid process has developed rapidly due to its low cost, low energy consumption, and high yield. In terms of the raw material market price, the production cost of the acid process can be reduced by 50-100 yuan/ton on average compared with the traditional process. In today's fierce market competition, this is undoubtedly a major advantage. Therefore, the acid process represents a new direction for the development of compound fertilizer.

1. Process characteristics of acid process:

1. The process makes full use of the chemical reaction heat between liquid ammonia and sulfuric acid, monoammonium phosphate and other raw materials to increase the temperature of the granulated material to the optimal granulating temperature of 75-85℃, and reasonably control the pH value of the granulated material to obtain The best ball formation rate.

2. The pelletizing rate reaches about 80%, and the production capacity of the device is increased by about 50-100%.

3. The granulation moisture is reduced, the drying energy consumption is reduced, and the dryer capacity is significantly improved (coal consumption is only 12kg/t).

4. The granulation and ammoniating are uniform, the granulation rate is high, the granule appearance is round and smooth, and the product strength is ≥25N.

5. The granulation operation is stable, the product nutrient is stable, and it is suitable for different kinds of fertilizer production, and the nitrogen content can reach up to 25.

6. The granulation tail gas is washed with a dedicated tail gas scrubber, and the washing absorption efficiency reaches more than 99%, which ensures the discharge of the granulation tail gas.

2. Operating characteristics of acid production equipment:

1. The equipment is not scarred or blocked, and can realize long-term continuous and stable operation.

2. The equipment selection is reasonable and the production intensity is high. Compared with the same type of pellet method equipment, the production capacity is increased by more than 50%.

3. The process flow is simple, the maintenance operation and production management are convenient. The dust and production exhaust gas treatment at the production site adopts multi-stage treatment measures such as cyclone dust collector and exhaust gas scrubber to achieve standard discharge and clean and civilized production.

4. Investment and operation are the most economical. Compared with the same type, fixed assets can be reduced by more than 40%, and coal consumption and electricity consumption can be reduced by more than 50%.

Four, practical situation:

1. This technology is especially suitable for the technical transformation of small and medium-sized compound fertilizer plants. This technology is suitable for the technological upgrading and transformation of sulfur-based compound fertilizer, urea-based compound fertilizer and other equipment. This technology has been designed to be used in multiple sets of compound fertilizer production equipment and has obtained good economic benefits.

2. Undertake the turnkey project of 50,000-300,000 tons/year acid compound fertilizer project.

5. Comparison with other production processes:

1. High output. Under the same equipment specifications, it can be doubled compared to the traditional granulation process;

2. Low energy consumption. The direct benefit of the increase in output is the substantial reduction in unit manufacturing costs;

3. Wide application of technology. It is suitable for the production of amino general-purpose compound fertilizer, amino high-phosphorus and high-potassium formula compound fertilizer and various other special compound fertilizers.

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