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1. Working principle:


The bauxite ball is fed into the kiln shell from the high end of the kiln tail shell. Due to the inclination and slow rotation of the kiln shell, the material produces a compound movement that not only rolls in the circumferential direction, but also moves from the high end to the low end along the axial direction. The raw material balls are decomposed and fired in the kiln. In the process, after firing, it is discharged from the lower end of the kiln shell and enters the cooler.

2. Technical structure characteristics:


2.1 The end of the kiln head adopts stainless steel retaining ring, and the front section is lined with high-strength refractory bricks, which effectively protects the cylinder of the rotary kiln;

2.2 The kiln head and kiln tail are sealed with fish scale steel sheets, which effectively reduces the heat loss;

2.3 Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, stable control speed. The final speed is 0.3-2rpm. According to the conditions of the kiln and the thickness of the material layer, the speed of the rotary kiln can be manually adjusted to obtain a reasonable working condition, which creates favorable conditions for the operation of the fire.

2.4 A large gear ring is fixed on the kiln shell to connect with the kiln shell through a tangential spring plate. This connection structure can leave enough heat dissipation space between the large gear ring and the kiln shell and reduce the bending of the kiln shell. The influence of deformation on the meshing accuracy can also play a role in shock absorption and buffer, which is beneficial to prolong the life of the kiln lining.

2.5 The gear wheels can be divided into two types: mechanical gear wheels and hydraulic gear wheels according to their force and principle of action. Large-scale rotary kilns mostly use hydraulic retaining wheels to effectively adjust the movement of the kiln body.

Specifications and parameters of DSY type rotary calcining kiln


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